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Here are some of the comments we've gotten from patients over the years. If you have a story you'd like to share, email We love to hear from our patients!

Dr. Odom is very understanding. He listens to his patients and gives the answers in terms they can understand. He is very friendly and very professional. He has taken my hurt away. Michelle greets you with a smile and is very friendly. She takes her time with you. Emma is so sweet and thorough. She answers every question and is very nice. She will go far in her career. Marielle is very understanding. Sat very patiently and helped me through this process. -- Shirley H

Dr. Jabbour, I just wanted to say Thank You for making my life so much better. Your a great doctor with an outstanding staff. You take your time with each patient to make sure they have all the answers to any questions they may have, you make sure they know each step you will be taking based on their situation. What can I say, your awesome and I would recommend you in a heart beat. -- Vanessa M

I just recently had my first colonoscopy screening. Words cannot describe how terrified I was about having this procedure done. Dr. Julie Leverton is the absolute BEST! She's very personable, caring, nurturing, SUPERB! Her team Ann & Heather were Awesome. Thank you guys so much! I look forward to seeing you lovelies in ten.... My Best, My Best, -- Zonda M.

Being that I am shy, quiet and terrified of Doctor's makes me a difficult patient at best. Dr. Hashemipour is a very calm, gentle and caring physician/surgeon/person. He went above and beyond in every way possible to make sure I was comfortable. He would even forgo routinely done exams, unless it was absolutely necessary they be done. Dr. Hashemipour had a "unique ability" to not only make me feel like a human being, but treated me like one, who at this time just happened to be a patient in need -- Andrea S.

Dr. Jabbour, Just wanted to say thank you for all you did for me in 2006 till now. Thanks for your time, your energy and your commitment, your attentiveness, understanding, honesty. Thank you for everything you've done for me, big and small! You’re a wonderful doctor, but on top of that, an amazing person! -- Afsaneh Marous

I am a long time patient of Dr. Jabbour's. I cannot express into words how thankful I am to have Dr. Salim Jabbour as my doctor and surgeon. I have had to undergo multiple surgeries for colon related illness and he has been a blessing. His medical care is grounded with an amazing understanding of medicine and patient needs and he wears his heart on his sleeve. His care for his patients far exceeds an office visit, hospital visit or surgery. -- RICHARD H

I rarely ever post a review or testimonial about any product or service, however, Dr. Salim Jabbour is not in any respect your your normal doctor. Having to undergo multiple surgeries and colon resection, Dr. Jabbour's care of my chronic illness has been provided as if I were a member of his family. His staff are always very responsive and I never feel like a number rather I know every decision that is made would be the same as he would suggest for his own family. -- Rick H

I have two words to describe Dr. Todd Odom. ABSOULUTLEY AWESOME!!!!! I had been to several other colon and rectal specialists, and all of them told me that my pain was not real, and that I didn't need my hemorrhoids removed. This is after 10 years of absolute excruciating pain from morning to night..Only being able to survive by taking 10-20 ibuprofen EVERY DAY for 10 years. My life was completely miserable. But then I met Dr. Odom. He listened, and he understood that my pain was real. -- Joel M

Dr. Hash! How do you thank someone who saves your life? Dr. Hash is my husband's doctor and after months of complaining to all of my doctor's about a bleeding "hemorrhoid," I showed my "hemorrhoid" to my husband, he felt it was a fistula and sent me to see Dr. Hash. Well, it was neither, it was stage 2 anal cancer. I called the office on Monday, had an appointment on Tuesday,PET Scan on Wednesday, Biopsy on Thursday, Diagnosis and Treatment Plan all set-up by 9 a.m. Friday, before he even called -- Cherryl B

We have to take a moment to brag about Leanne. During a very stressful time for our family she took great care of us. Going completely above and beyond. Even checking in on us after the surgery to make sure everything was okay. In a very short amount of time she was able to schedule tests out of the area and obtain surgical notes from 11 years ago!! Leanne is a true gem to Dr. Jabbour's team. We wouldn't have made it through the last week without her! -- Carly K

After listening to 4 other doctors tell me my problem was in my head, I found one who believed it was in my BUTT! Todd Odom and his staff control my problem, minimize my discomfort and as a bonus they treat me like a human being. They don't even over-bill as many doctors do today, taking advantage of the insurance company. Todd, Ashlee, and Emily are the best. They have never not answered an email, returned a phone call, or denied a request. THIS IS AN OLD FASHIONED DOCTOR'S OFFICE. -- Rick K

Dr. Leverton is an excellent doctor. I was extremely stressed about the problems I was having. She gave me all the time I needed during my appointment. And, I found her to be extremely personable, sensitive, and kind. Baylor Surgical performed my procedure right on time and my anesthesiologist, Dr. Frid, controlled my anesthesia perfectly. I awoke to no nausea after the procedure. This has never been the result with ANY of my many previous surgeries elsewhere. What a delight this was! -- Gaila H

I just had my first colonoscopy (with Dr. Hash, two years after I should have first done it). I am pleased to say that EVERY fear and concern I had in not getting the procedure done was unrealized. First, the staff was extremely accomodating from start to finish, including providing multiple procedure dates, even on short notice. Second, the prep (supposedly so vile as to be the butt [excuse the pun] of any comic's jokes, was really not an issue); thank G-d for Netflix on the iPad. -- Lorin S.

Dr. Hash has been amazing. I have Crohn's disease and have had numerous surgeries because of complications and Dr. Hash has been very caring and reassuring during each and every one. He has talked to me about the procedures and what to expect. Very knowledgeable and personable. -- Tim A.

By another set of physician I had radiation for cancer, in the process I got what they call radiation proctitus and I blead from the colon for 18 months, finally I found Dr. Jabbour through my family Dr. After a his diagnosis I had faith in him, he was able to stop the bleeding and I have been "A" "OK" since, I would highly reccommend Dr. Jabbour -- Will A.

I recently had my first colonoscopy and Dr. Jabbour was the physician. When I met him at my first visit he mentioned that he was very thorough. This was evident in the amount of time he spent just talking about my situation and how the procedure would work. He put me at ease immediately. My colonoscopy went well and I really didn't have a lot of problems with the prep like some people claim. I was very impressed with this Doctor and will ask for him in the future. -- Lizette B.

Dr Todd Odom is the best! He is down to earth, kind, and very skilled! I had a serious colon issue and I was in great pain. He performed a intricate seurgery and I have had no problems since! Love the staff also for their kindness and helfulness! My husband is hooked also! -- Diane B.

Dr. Odom is not only a wonderful, kind and caring doctor who gives hugs along with advice, he is the reason I am alive today. He brought me through two surgeries with more skill and compassion than I ever experienced with another doctor. His staff always makes you feel welcome and important. In emergencies, you are ALWAYS able to get through to the office and there is always a kind voice on the other end. Thank you Dr. Odom. -- Nora O.